Anne Mette O’Connor

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AMOC Jewellery creates timeless pieces of jewellery. The focus is on making aesthetically pleasing adornments for the wearer to treasure for life. All employees of AMOC take great pride in their work and make each piece with passion; this is the essence of the business.

Mette O’Connor, founder of AMOC, has always been creative. As a child she was often seen with a pencil in hand and after travelling the world she spent four years at Art College. As much as she loved fine art, the need for something more practical and intricate made her consider a shift in her practice. A chance meeting with an Australian jeweller and gemmologist opened the doors to a new world – a wonderful world full of glistening stones, precious metals and rough tools. Since then, Mette has worked with several different crafts people in Australia, Denmark and Ireland, all using traditional jewellery making techniques, and has trained within gemmology and diamond grading.

Apart from making jewellery for every day use, Mette also creates wearable art-pieces for fashion shows and exhibitions internationally. She has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide, the most recent in Ireland being Adornment, by a collaborative of jewellery designers. This has also led to an exclusive opportunity to exhibit in Brown Thomas, Dublin with sixteen other Irish designers.



Artistic/Creative Vision

The tradition of adornment is as old as time itself.

Mette O’Connor of AMOC Jewellery uses this ancient tradition to create jewellery with a variety of well-known gemstones as well as less precious ones combined with silver and gold.

Within her use of materials she explores the wonders of nature, which forms an intimate relationship with the bearer of her creations. Her wish is for her pieces to have a special meaning to the wearer and bring a little sparkle to their day.


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