What is Absolutely Wicklow?

Furniture and woodcraft by James Carroll

Absolutely Wicklow is an initiative of Wicklow County Arts Office supported by the County Enterprise Board, the Crafts Council and Bray Town Council. Absolutely Wicklow has been created to showcase some of the high end handmade crafts that are exclusively made in County Wicklow. It involves setting up this site where the public can get in touch with makers directly and browse large collections of their work, and a retail store opening on November 18th at the old Heritage Centre in Bray beside the Royal Hotel.

The idea behind establishing the brand was to support makers within the county have a higher profile providing them with a bespoke marketing tool, and at the sametime promote enterprise in the region. With 2011 designated the Year of Craft, seed funding through the Crafts Council of Ireland was the catalyst for the project, the additional support of the County Enterprise Board, Wicklow County Council and Bray Town Council allowed the endeavour to grow in scale, with now substantial investment in both the site and the retail unit.

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