Which Crafts Are Featured?

Intricate woodcraft by Chaim and Carol Factor

Absolutely Wicklow Online – you may view the products online, and get in touch with any of the makers in relation to their products featured, commissions or an appointment with them to see a wider range of their work.

Absolutely Wicklow features a wide range of products currently in the categories of Millinery, Woodworking and Furnituremaking, Metalwork, Ceramics, and Textiles. Within this there is huge diversity of styles and functionality, some pieces are just designed to be plain beautiful!

So whether you require a headpiece for that day at the races, a wedding gift, a beautiful object for your home, Christmas or other seasonal presents or Children’s clothes Absolutely Wicklow is the place to find them. With the work of 16 of our finest makers of the highest quality shown both in store and online, there is plenty to choose from, so shop locally in County Wicklow if you can!

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